Advice and Mediation

VeTeBe Independent Mortgage Advice and Mediation
Closing your mortgage is a different field than buying a new home. A new home appeals enormously to the imagination, is tangible, and active in your thoughts and feelings. This is naturally different with a mortgage. It is often an unavoidable obligation to finance your dream home. Tailor-made solutions are required here because customers’ (financial) situations are naturally not identical.

Expert Mortgage Department
Buying a house is a big and exciting step, both for first-time buyers and for those moving up. VeTeBe has an expert mortgage department. Dennis, Tom, or Sanne will work with you to find the mortgage solution that best suits you, supported by Ans and Miranda. And not just for today, but also with an eye on the future. Often, more is possible than you initially expect.

Responsible Financial Assessment
VeTeBe collaborates with more than 25 mortgage lenders, so our mortgage advice is completely independent. Additionally, we are able to quickly conduct a financial assessment.

Even if you have purchased a house through another real estate agent! As financial advisors, we can accurately determine how far you can go with the amount of the mortgage in a responsible manner. We also discuss possible insurance for unexpected events such as termination, disability, or death of you or your partner.


If you would like to have a mortgage consultation, please contact us quickly and without obligation.

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VeTeBe Mortgage advisor

Making the biggest investment of your life isn't just something you do casually. Take this big step with us and let us advise, accompany, and support you. Sanne or another specialist is ready every day to do exactly that for you!

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