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To sell or to renovate? That is the question!

To sell or to renovate? That is the question!

You are a homeowner, perhaps in the middle of a mortgage that still has a few years of final repayment ahead. Maybe your current home is already paid off and you have built up considerable equity. However, the question may arise whether you should sell your current home and choose a larger or smaller one. Or should you instead decide to expand significantly so that you can stay in your home, which is fully adapted to your changing needs after the renovation.


These are fundamental decisions that require weighing various factors before a decision can be made. Equity is currently melting like snow in the sun, interest rates have risen significantly, the real estate market still shows strong scarcity, and you… well, you actually don’t know. What is wise?

More cubic meters

Do you want more cubic meters, or do you want to sell to buy anew? Actually, you need someone who brings reason to the table and can provide you with advice with an objective perspective. You’d rather not be tied to someone after a “non-binding” conversation who “handles everything for you.” Just an exploratory conversation with a professional without ulterior motives and without obligations, where you make a decision after hearing all the options.


And it all sounds so simple: if you have a large house that is worth more than you need, you can choose whether to sell or renovate.

Yes, that’s all true, but many homeowners are currently faced with this dilemma, and both options have their pros and cons. It’s important to carefully weigh these before making a decision. You also know very well that selling your home with equity can be attractive if you’re looking for a way to free up some extra money. It can also help you reduce the burdens of maintaining and taxing a large house. Furthermore, selling your home with equity can mean that you can buy a new home that better suits your current lifestyle or preferences. Wow, all advantages. So go for it! But wait a minute…


One downside to selling your home is that you may not get the full value of the house. Brokerage fees, advertisements, and other selling costs can be significant. It may also be that the real estate market at the time of sale is not optimal, so you may get less money than you expected. Then renovating your home with equity can also be attractive. By renovating your home, you can adapt it to your current lifestyle and preferences without having to move. It can also add value to your home, so you get more money in the future if you decide to sell it.

But yes, if you opt for a renovation, that can of course also be expensive. After all, you have to spend money on materials and labor, and you also have to consider the costs of permits and other costs associated with renovating your home. And then there’s the months of unrest in the house. Mess, dust, noise, and a lack of privacy. All annoying.

Expert with reason

It’s time for the expert. Tailored advice from an experienced professional who objectively looks at what is good in your specific situation and goals. Are you looking for more money, do you want to downsize, is the current price for your home fair, has your life been turned upside down, and does selling seem like the only option? These can all be reasons. You have to trust us at VeTeBe when we say it’s very wise to sit down with a professional real estate agent before making a decision. They can help you understand the pros and cons of these options and advise you on a decision that ultimately best fits your situation and goals.

No hard feelings

And that “non-binding” conversation mentioned earlier. Well, that’s really not just empty words at VeTeBe. We mean it when we say that we would be happy to sit down with you for a first conversation free of charge and without obligation. What you then do with the information and with whom, that’s entirely up to you. No hard feelings if you choose another real estate agent. As long as we’ve really helped you. That’s what it ultimately comes down to. That’s how we think at VeTeBe!


So we’d be happy to quickly schedule an appointment with you to discuss selling or renovating, along with all the related factors like finances, life stage, property value, and future plans. Careful consideration is the only way to get an answer to the question:

To sell or to renovate? That is the question!